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Mother abuses her own daughter, 5, streams it to her ‘online master’

A pathetic piece of human garbage not worthy of being anybody’s mother was jailed for four years because she was physically molesting and abusing her 5-year-old daughter. She was sent to the prison because she signed an agreement to give her very own child as a slave to her so-called online master.

Her name is Sara, a 31-year-old, resident of Switzerland was sentenced by St Gallen’s court for abusing her daughter with erotic toys and sending it to a married father of three in Germany and 53-year-old pervert.

The pervert, who goes by the named Frank Heitmueller was regarded by Sara as her owner. She said she wanted him to take her daughter’s virginity. The thought alone is disgusting and can make any sane person sick to their stomach.

He kept a recording of all the broadcast and replayed for his sick pleasure, heard by the court.

The identity of Sara cannot be shared because it is protected by the Swizz law. She allegedly sold her soul to this monster and entrusted the daughter’s upbringing to him.

Sara was remorseful when being heard in the court, she felt disgusted with what she did.

Heitmueller said: ‘I’m not a pedophile, I have three children myself.’

To conceal their crime on webcam, Heitmueller told Sara to call her daughter by the name “Piglet”.

All of this was discovered by Heitmueller’s wife when she was going through her computer.

Sara was sentenced to 4 years and 3 months, while Heilmueller was sentenced to 5 years.

Both and has been banned from any sort of activity that involves regular contact with children for 10 years and both will have to undergo a psychological outpatient procedure.

This is an unimaginable thing, and many people are saying that they got off easy. They traumatized a baby for rest of her life. How could someone do this to a child? The mother’s relationship with the child is seen synonymous to utter love.

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