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Mother banned from store saying, ‘court bars her from straightening up her child on leash’

Parenting is a tough job. Parents need to become a good role model in order to make their children learn something good. Sometimes parents pamper up their child so much that their children learn to misuse the love of the parents. There must be a balance in everything. Experts criticize the parents who do not learn to create a balanced healthy life for their kids.

There are two theories vis-a-vis straightening up a child for a bad attitude. We don’t endorse any one of these but instead want to share it with the audience.

  1. Some people believe that the children must always be dealt with love. They take this love to the extremes.
  2. Other think that children must be straightened up for every bad deed which they commit. This group seldom takes this logic to extremes.

We believe that there must be a middle point in both the above-mentioned behaviors. Extreme of anything doesn’t bring good. This woman went to store and her kid started to get carried away by whims. The kid lost her temper and the mother colluded in the efforts of her kid. The kid not only started to abuse the workers in the store but she also started to throw away things.

Worker tries to pick up scattered things from shelves

The mother was asked by the worker to ask her kid move away from the valuable items. The mother reply was strange, she said that the court bars her from saying anything to her child since that would count under child abuse. Now, this logic sounds absurd, a parent has to help the kid learn good things.

Watch the video yourself:

The mother could have avoided the situation by asking her kid to leave the things, but the unfortunate thing to discover is that the mother herself is using kid as a tool to launch an attack on the workers of the store. This is sad situation!

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