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Mother of Dragons, posts hilarious ‘Game of Thrones’ behind-the-scene-video & wins the Internet

6 days until the final episode of Game of Thrones is to be aired on television. Fans are already bursting with tears and excitement. I myself just saw today the newly released last episode trailer where an army of unsullied was in a huge formation with the Dothraki Knights.

Meanwhile, several fan theories are floating regarding the end of the Game of Thrones season 7, Emilia Clarke the Dragon Queen posts behind the scenes fun on her Instagram. Literally, the video was so cute that it instantly won the internet.

Jon Snow, is in the video and with all the Dany Jon stuff going around people are really excited to watch something so silly and beautiful. Guess What? Jon just pretended to be a dragon, well, a nice way to attract the mother aunt.

I mean JEEZE, one pet of a dragon and he thinks he’s one of them #youknownothingjonsnow

Watch the video yourself, caption already given above!

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Cute, isn’t it? With the season’s finale approaching, hackers and then HBO Spain’s own mistake already made the show whole lot popular. Let’s hope that the last episode doesn’t bring much distress to the viewers and the majority remain happy and satisfied with the ending, with Jon Snow getting declared a Targaryen blood and North finally getting peace, I think the viewers will become pleased.

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