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Mother locks her kid in fridge at a convenience store and later posts it on Instagram

I never came across such of women who puts her kid in the fridge first and then posts it on Instagram in order to gain some amusement and attention. Yes this is true, this woman made her kid enter into a fridge multiple times and each time she snapped a photo of him crying hard and then posted it on Instagram.

If you look at these two images both of these are taken at two different times. I don’t know that what’s the point of repeating the same thing which actually made your kid terrified. If you look at the kid’s face then he is quite shocked at the activity which his mother has carried out.

Terrified Kid

Just look at the photo uploaded above, the kid is definitely terrified and at such a tender age he must be thinking that his mother is going to leave him alone. The two pictures are different which must be taken at two different times and days. The photo got uploaded on Reddit and the user who actually uploaded the picture told the Reddit community that one of her friends on Instagram has taken a picture of her baby whom she has closed in the fridge. He accused the woman of doing such act because she wanted to gain some attention on Instagram and wanted to make a funny post. The people on Reddit weren’t much happy with that of this woman. So anonymously the woman is facing backlash on Reddit. If she did this act to discipline her baby then this is an act of cruelty.

Share this post, maybe she comes across this and learns some lesson. She shouldn’t be doing such a thing to a kid. The guy who posted this picture on Reddit also told the community that he used to share school with the same girl. He must be stalking the girl or he might have a crush on her, well he’s lucky that he is safe now.

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