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Mother takes a break from her 4yo daughter, says “She has her own life, and I’m doing mine!”

Ever heard of a mother taking a break from her own kid? Well, yes this mother actually took a break from her daughter. She says, “She has her own life and doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.”

She got featured in a magazine titled under, “Shocker of the week” and people aren’t liking this entire break thing with the kid. They think that the kid actually needs her mother and the mother must be there for her kid. Someone even said that the kid is better without the mother of such a kind.

The way she said that the kid is doing her own thing actually stirs a lot of questions. Looks like the woman takes her toddler to be a strong independent child who has got a lot of roles to play in the important affairs. Well, this is stupid, the kid has actually a lot to learn from the mom. The mother can be away from the kid but again taking a break, knowing that the kids need moms, is awkward.

Above all, she thinks that the break is going to prove healthy for the kid. This is the way of a 22-year old single mother to balance her professional life and the baby. When the mother released such a state of being busy in her life, she was found in Dallas club partying and enjoying, well no judgements but she could use that time for the kid.

After becoming a mom, she also underwent some medical procedures to make sure her body was aesthetically and visually fit. She even made a tweet on twitter titled, “Plastic parts with Farrah.” The star got her fame from “Backdoor Teen Mom”.

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