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Multiple people caught watching adult content in Library

Damn, this is one sick video and unfortunately, the entire video cannot be embedded here just because of the NSFW nature. We run a safe for work website and that is why we can’t malign the functionality. So, this group of people is actually watching not safe for work content in a library. The worst part is their concentration and ignorance of the surrounding. They don’t care about the sitting people who actually came to the library to learn and read their favorite subjects.

So, this guy is actually uploading all these 4-5 guys who are consuming adult content right on his Snapchat story. He later combined all the videos and published them on the internet.

A lot of users might be already aware of the website which this guy is using to watch the adult content. Now, read these Snapchat captions, the guy has been sitting in the library and he is effortlessly consuming the adult content amidst the general public. The librarian must do something in this regard. This is not the only guy in the library doing such absurd thing.

You might not be able to spot the people consuming adult content in the picture, but if you look closely that the screen near the head of the bald man sitting beside the pillar, yes you got it right, is actually being used for adult content consumption. The guy recording the entire video spotted different people openly watching stupid content.

When he decided to leave the library he even caught some dude trying to hit his meat hard in hope of some ecstasy. We can’t share the video but if you are an enthusiast then you can search it on the internet.

The video got shared on Reddit, a librarian commented, “As a librarian I can confirm that this is far more common than you’d think. And a very awkward conversation when we get complaints. fml” Some guy in the comments even told about his fellow bragging about beating the meat in a public library and throwing away the shit on the floor, eew.

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