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Mum shares ‘potato in socks remedy’ which absorbed 75% of her girl’s sickness

Seriously this mum believes that some indigenous trick is going to treat her daughter and save her from a runny nose, cough and cold. She not only tried her belief on her daughter but also posted the progress she made using her indigenous trick on the social media. Definitely, a lot of people in the comments started making fun of the woman and they also shared sympathies with her daughter.

The story goes by like this, this mother named Whitney had her daughter suffering from congestion, runny nose and cough, like most kids have at this age. Now the Internet is full of awkward remedies which the modern science does not support and even the doctors don’t recommend the experimentation with kids when it comes to the health. One of these remedies is the potato skin remedy in which the feet of the patient is kept in close contact with the potato without the skin peeled off. People believe that this thing actually helps the immune system of the body and sucks out all the heat. There is a similar remedy for the similar procedure but that is believed to be done using the onions, now I got all these facts from the Internet.

The home remedy for cough!

So this mother cut the two slices of fresh potatoes and put it each in one sock on the bottom of her feet. In the morning according to the mother, the potato skins actually sucked out 75% of the illness of a daughter.

I don’t understand that if this is really possible and if the girl became better because of some side medicine or only because of this particular home remedy. The comments of the visitors are more than welcomed because there might be different opinions on this matter. We welcome opinions and would like to hear from everyone.

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