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Netflix Weed: Streaming giant selling Pot flavoured & to be consumed with its Original Shows

Netflix, the video streaming giant is now selling weed. The flavors include “Banana Stand Kush” and “Poussey Riot.”

The offer is for the Los Angeles residing people, & the weed collection was announced this weekend, as Paper reported. It’s currently being sold in a shop in West Hollywood. Paper reported that each weed flavor was cultivated with the specific shows in the mind. Pot is flavored to complement each original series of the Netflix. This takes the meaning of Netflix and chill to a whole new level.

These flavored weed stuff are added as a bonus for the seasons, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Bojack Horseman, Chelsea, Grace and Frankie, Lady Dynamite, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Santa Clarita Diet as reported by DailyDot.

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[email protected] uploaded on the Instagram. It’s good to mention that it’s actually a promotional stunt for the upcoming series Disjointed which stars Kathy Bates. The girl in the series owns a marijuana dispensary.

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