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News show axed after Host Threatens Parkland Survivor with LEWD assault

A US TV and radio commentator resigned after the reaction that came after he threatened Florida shooting survivor ‘David Hogg’ with sexual assault.

Jamie Allman did this in a tweet that states ‘getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s a**.’

He resigned from the show and his resignation was accepted b the KDNL-TV on Tuesday, while his radio channel KFTK canceled his morning radio talk show.

David Hogg is a survivor of the Parkland, Florida shooting which left 17 people dead, and since been a gun reform activist.

Mr. Allaman was a conservative commentator whose career has now ended due to his grave mistake that he made in a tweet on 26 March.

His page was also locked shortly he made the tweet, but by that time the screenshot of the tweet went viral.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the owner of KDNL-TV, announced Mr. Allman’s resignation and the cancellation of his show The Allman Report in a short statement.

Sinclair Broad Cast group owns roughly a massive number of 200 local television stations across the united states.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Entercom Communications – operator of KTFK – said the radio station has “parted ways” with Mr. Allman and canceled his show.

This is not the first time David Hogg was attacked by a conservative commentator.

Laura Ingraham, who is a host at Fox News in the show called ‘Ingraham Angle’ has lost a number of sponsors. Due to which she had to apologize for the remark she made on Mr. Hogg not being accepted in college.

But the apology was rejected by David Hogg, saying that she only did it because she lost her sponsors and the apology was not what she actually meant.

She was actually wrong at that time because Mr. Hogg was actually got an offer from UC Irvine, a University of California school in Orange County.

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