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Nice guy randomly picks up a girl on Facebook, snaps instantly after she tells, “I’ve a boyfriend”

What has happened to guys? Randomly picking up girls on Facebook and then acting like a nice guy? Well, this wasn’t the case in my time. Men used to have some basic respect for the women. They also knew what to do in relationships.

Every man should be able to know how to approach women respectfully. One should learn to take ‘No’ as a ‘No’. There is nothing beyond a no and woman should know that after rejecting a man there isn’t another option.

Look at this guy, first, he goes on Facebook, picks up a random girl, drops a message to take her to a date. The response comes derived out of sheer reality. The girl already had a boyfriend. The guy who messaged the girl on Facebook snaps after the response.

He then responds to her in the most strong cringe worthy way. The girl for sure knew how to handle such nice guys, so she acted in the most straight forward manner to reject the proposal.

The guy should have taken a rejection as a rejection. Surely his way to approach girls isn’t in right harmony.

One thought on “Nice guy randomly picks up a girl on Facebook, snaps instantly after she tells, “I’ve a boyfriend””

  1. Riley says:

    So why is the person who wrote all the bad stuff the one who sent it in to you so you can write this article? Take a close look in the right hand bottom corner (on facebook that is where the owner of the profile’s image goes), so you see the full unaltered picture of the person who SENT the offending messages, telling me that the GUY was the one who sent it or screen shot it, not the recipient of the message. Sounds and looks like a fake to me. Like someone just wanting attention…

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