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Old guy cheats & texts “I’m experienced in pleasing girls,” tries to score co-worker

Just when we thought that our daily reporting of weird stuff is almost over we got into a two-page conversation in which an old man tries to score his hot co-worker.

Trying to find a girl for a perfect date is not a crime and we all believe that it is a right of every human to make effort for his relationship life. However, cheating on your partner is something which is not commendable. You must be wondering that how come cheating and dating is correlated. Well, apparently this old man who is trying to fix a date with his coworker is already in a relationship. He is being quite open in these text messages as he told his coworker who happens to be a female that he isn’t much happy with his current girlfriend.

Further, the old man after getting no positive response from his coworker calls himself more experienced than the young guys. The level of cringe goes on increasing from here as he suggested a particular reference of movies which cannot be described in words here and we’ll leave that for you to read his text messages and make up a version of-of his weirdness in your own mind. We fall short of words while describing such stupidity.


The co-worker, in the end, got frustrated enough to call off the old guy. The guy should learn to take a no for an answer and we believe that this is a form of harassment on text messages which should not be taken in a positive manner. We believe that you will share this article to spread the word among your friends so that next time they come across such a person they know how to handle him.

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