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Oxford student stabs Tinder date with knife but Judge says “she’s too bright to be JAILED”

A medical student named Lavinia Woodward, 24, was given 10-month sentence in jail after she stabbed her Tinder date out of anger.

She pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding but she got away because she was given relief by the judge who called her ‘too bright’ for jail and suspended the sentence.

She tried appealing against the suspended sentence, but she was not given the permission to appeal.

Although her sentence was suspended, she was still unhappy with the sentence and thus she tried appealing, which was rejected.

Woodward leaving Oxford Crown Court

She still has a chance to apply to have her case heard by a full court according to the reports by BBC.

She was accused of getting preferential treatment by the Judge because of her academic credentials. This sparked outrage among the public.

According to the judge she was a bright student and sending her to jail would destroy her hopes to become a surgeon someday.

She stabbed her boyfriend because he told her mother about her drinking problem. To which she got angry and threw a laptop at him, and stabbed him in his leg as well.

She has voluntarily suspended her education at Oxford until her sentence ends, which also means that the university cannot carry out an inquiry until she gets back. According to the University, she has a chance of being kicked out as well.

But her fellow students said that she will never be expelled from the University because the administration loves her. She has quite a lot of support and many academics claim her to be a ‘potential Nobel Prize winner’.

They said: ‘I think they would be happy to have her back, and that she will end up returning quietly. She’s done some very interesting work in cardiology, they’ve described her as a future Nobel Prize winner.

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