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Package thief gruesomely breaks leg after slipping during theft

This was one hell of an instant Karma, we believe that the thief will not return in a decade. This incident is going to leave a mark on the thief after getting injured in a gruesome way. Stealing something is a cringe-worthy and stupid act to perform, a thief often forgets the general rule that smart/hard work leads to success. He starts to believe in snatching and can’t perform anything on his own other than stealing the possessions of other people.

The doorbell cameras are quite in trend nowadays because of an increment in the thefts.  The thieves of today have a flair for theft because of increment in technology and equipment. Homeowners, on the other hand, are also wiser now, so this particular home where a package thief was visiting had a doorbell camera installed. The benefit of these cameras are varied, one is the protection while the other benefit includes the footage of bloopers made by random people or thieves.

Package thief broke his leg!

Let’s give you some nice suggestions before we take you right to the video. So, there is this guy from Amazon, he left an amazing long comment that can help people if their stuff is being stolen right from the doorstep. This driver met an old guy who was retired and he caught a thief stealing his packages.

He [the retired guy to driver] said packages were being stolen in his neighborhood a while back, but he stopped it. He put a box on his porch filled with a brick and packing peanuts. Anytime he was home, he’d put it out there, and since he was retired, he was home a lot. He had a piece of thread that was tied around the brick, came out a corner of the box and ran up and into his window. It wasn’t visible at all, unless you knew it was there and really looked. Inside his house the thread was taped to a piece of paper on his coffee table. The window was open just a smidge, and if the box was taken, the paper would move. He said one day the paper moved off of the table and he leapt up and peeked out of the blinds. – Credits DudeComedy

So, he knew that someone was trying to steal the package. So he took his paint gun and lit up the car of the thief. He then noted the license plate number and called the cops. The cops said that they’ll easily track the car given the number and pink paint on one side.

Now go ahead and watch the video:

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