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Parents fight at graduation over a seat & then kids involve to turn it into huge brawl

Look at those parents, they are fighting over a pity problem amidst the graduation ceremony of their kids. The brawl started when the parents indulged in a row over a seat. This was a shocking moment for the people present in the graduation ceremony of a high school happening at Bellevue Baptist Church.

The horrific brawl surrounded by the cries of anger can be seen in the video captured by one of the onlookers where a woman gets knocked down to the floor, the brawl continued for more than a minute and consisted of foul-mouthed verbal attacks.

The two families started fighting each other over a disputed chair. Both were a claimant of the reserved chair for themselves which resulted in a anger aroused fight. The video was filmed at 7pm on Tuesday while the graduation attendees were moving into the sanctuary at Bellevue Baptist Church, in Cordova, Tennessee.

In the video, a woman with the brown dress can be seen pushing an elderly man who stood between her and the controversial seat. One of the ‘apparently’ relatives of the old man told the woman that the seat was reserved but despite the message, the woman continued to push and shove away the elderly man. The onlookers who were mostly parents of the other kids were continuously trying to end the fight.

Whoa, let him in. Stop. – said one of the parents

After the first woman shoved the old-guy, another woman appeared in the video and started throwing water on him as a revenge. Another man then pushes her away saying, “Back the ***k up!

The fight turned dirty onwards and one of the women (the same woman wearing brown dress) grabbed the hair of the other woman and started to pull them apart. Soon, the police arrived and handcuffed one woman while escorted the other woman out of the high school graduation.

The fight surely caused a distraction from the actual event and made into the headlines. Do watch the video below and spot the stupidity of these grown-up up people:

I’m sure you’ll find stupidity in every single second of this video.

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