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People are making memes of a pissed-off Peppa Pig and it is too damn funny

“Peppa Pig” is a famous British cartoon show for kids, which follows adventures of different species of animals along with her family and friend. Peppa is the main character of the show and each of her friends is of different species. The last name of each animal in the show represents their own kind, for example, Peppa’s last name is Pig, The characters have characteristics that resemble humans but their characters represent some distinct characteristics of their species as well e.g when Peppa talks, she creates a sound like a pig and Rabbit family being fixated with carrots etc.

A clip from this show went viral first on twitter and it has over 4.6 million views as of this moment.

In this clip, Peppa seems frustrated that she can’t whistle but everyone can, so she complains to her mom. Her mom offers her a lick of the spoon to taste the cookies she is making but instead, Peppa asks to call her friend.

On the call, she asks her friend that she is sad because she can’t whistle and gets happy when she comes to know that Peppa’s friend can’t whistle too. Then Peppa’s friend asks how do you do it and when Peppa teaches her friend, her friend can whistle on the first try.

Peppa ends the call with a poker face.

This is last part of dropping the call was captured by the Twitter user, who requested for it to be converted into a meme.

This resulted in the birth of a new meme. In a matter of few minutes, everyone joined in and started publishing their own version of the meme. It has been such a long time since such a relevant meme happened.

So brace yourselves because for few days your “News Feed” will be filled with the hang-up meme of Peppa Pig.

Here are some of the amazing memes:

Alright, we can’t embed every meme but we encourage you to make your own meme and embed that in the comments. Let’s see who does it better.

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