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Peppa Pig Under Fire: Psychologists suggest to ban the ‘Popular Show’ from your television lineup

If you are a parent then you must have heard about this popular TV show named Peppa Pig. This is a British based show targeted towards children and it has gained quite a lot of popularity in the States recently. The experts are however advocating against this show and they think that people should skip the show on the playlist for children.

This particular television show has grabbed the attention of children and it has become a next big thing in the preschool paraphernalia.

The excellent British accent of Peppa Pig has earned a lot of popularity and she is almost everywhere in the kid’s world. If you go out on a shopping spree then there is a possibility that your kid is going to find a lot of stuff branded with Peppa Pig, like those pajamas, pull-ups and pillows. The psychologists and Internet are, however, advocating against this figure, a cartoon figure. They think that these cartoons are not making kids learn something good. Kids in their early stage of life pick up a lot of things and their learning is quite quick. Just because this show has been labelled safe for children it does not make it automatically a good show for them.

According to the viewers this thing is quite accurate as a lot of times they can hear Peppa repeatedly fat-shaming her father. Dad himself isn’t good role model himself as viewers suggest that he simply let her daughter get away with way more than any child father ever would. People further suggest that she is quite mouthy and she answers her mother in a bad way quite often. The psychologists suggest that it is a bad influence for the kids to see unless people like their children mouthing them off, often. They think that it can be a small problem for the adults but for kids the cartoons mean quite a lot to them and they don’t understand that it is a virtual world.

Expert claim, “Children that age don’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. A two-year-old thinks if Peppa Pig pokes her tongue when she’s angry, for example, I’ll poke my tongue when I’m angry.

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