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Pervert, 51yo, romps his dog to ‘cope with grief’ of losing his partner

Nick Tyson, 51, an extremely garbage-person and a pervert, has been sent to the jail for 21 months, which seems too short for his disgusting acts. He had an romantic-session with his dog, a Staffordshire bulldog and also filmed it.

What’s more shocking is that he can keep dogs in the future because he did not face animal welfare charge.

Strangely enough, it was his way of coping with the grievance of losing his partner of 23 years, according to the court hearing.

Police found the morally corrupt videos after they visited the home of the convict in August 2017 and seized his PC and mobile phone.

This is not it, it was found that he also had shared indecent images of young children, along with the videos of other animals. He pleaded guilty to six charges of making indecent images of young children, three of the disturbing images, and one of possessing extreme p0rngraphy.

He is now ordered to register as a sex-offender for ten years and was sent to jail by the Warwick Crown Court on Wednesday.

Sentencing, Judge Richard Griffith-Jones said: ‘During a period when you were no doubt lonely, you developed a sickening taste and a compulsion to watch innocent children being exploited sexually and animals being treated abominably. By the time you were caught your perspective had become deeply perverse. Your enthusiasm and determination to watch these pictures helps provide a market which perpetrates the exploitation of innocent children.’

‘As a result, those children are humiliated and hurt, and there is a risk that their lives are blighted. It is bad enough to provide a market, but it is a step change into an offence of greater gravity to distribute such pictures.’

‘The final count relates to animals, in particular a dog you owned called Coco. Your treatment of that dog was terrible.’

‘It excites in members of the public revulsion and disgust that an innocent animal can be treated in the way you did.’

‘Your perverse taste is exemplified not only by you recording your activity with your dog, but the extreme pornography in relation to other animals. I am quite unable to conclude that any of these sentences should be suspended.I have checked to see whether I can make an order banning him from owning a dog, but the charges do not enable me to do that.’

According to the Prosecutor Marc Davies, the offenses became known when police went to Tyson’s home in relation to an investigation that was older and due to which it did not result in any proceeding.

But he was caught due to the seizure of his electronic communication devices, which raised concerns upon being inspected. There were some nasty messages.

The images and videos were later found on the computer and mobile for of Tyson.

Mr Davies told the court: ‘He has signed over custody of the dog to the police, and it has been rehomed.’

Delroy Henry, defending, said: ‘Absolutely disgusting would be a good place to start, and he knows that.

‘It was evil in his word.’

Mr Henry said Tyson became ‘somewhat isolated’ after losing his partner of 23 years to a heart attack.

He added: ‘He does not accept it was for any sexual gratification at all. But I think he would now concede that, from an objective perspective, that must be so, however it may have started, trying to cope with grief.’

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