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Pissed off woman removes her shirt & beats up a man because he stared her quite long

We got another drama on the Internet and it is quite awkward to believe. Women often ask for empowerment and the feminists try to gain it through protest. Some of the protests as we all know are stupid enough to believe that they actually happened. The feminists have a notion that the body must be free and their clothing must not be objected.

A controversial video of a woman fighting with a man has went viral on the Internet. The woman starts the fight and then as a revenge took off her shirt only to prove that women empowerment is a real thing. The man was accused of staring at a woman for quite long. The woman instantly grab the man and threw him on the street. The video shows a large audience of passersby stopping there to look at the fight. The woman removed her shirt and then started to slap the guy right on his face. The man asked the woman to stop and said that he was out shopping with his woman and he had done nothing wrong.

The woman on contrary continue to attack the man and slap him right in his face. The people around became quite shocked with this, watching the woman removing her shirt and using her breast to attack the man. She sat on the guy and tried to slap his face with the breast. A lot of people might say that this particular incident was staged because nowhere a women can pull off something like this but again this actually happened and I also wish that it could have been a fake performance. It’s quite degrading to watch a woman fight for her rights in such a clumsy manner.

You can see the woman standing on the guy in the thumbnail of this article, she then removes her shirt and sits on the guy, starts to beat him up. We can’t embed the video because of its NSFW nature. Can’t offend our followers, but if you really want to see the video then make sure you visit this youtube link, and the content isn’t safe.

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