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Poignant video emerges, boy literally pissed-off elevator buttons up-to point of short-circuit

The exigency of such an action lead by a boy riding in an elevator is totally difficult to understand. The Chinese social media website Weibo hosted a video a few hours back showing a guy sprinkling his bodily fluids at the circuitry and buttons of the lift which ended up causing an instant short circuit. The urine has a certain composition which allows the current to travel thus it could have caused a conflagration. Every big change has a humble beginning, so don’t take this walloping against the boy as a childish argument, it could have caused a massive fire.

The video is kind of not safe for work to be shared on this website. Even Weibo has taken down the video but one mirror of the video exists on Live Leak. The video has sparked and raised many questions regarding the identity of this boy. According to the Chinese media reports, “Yiwu 6-year-old boy small square, walked into a sightseeing elevator, the elevator runs to the fifth floor, the small side toward the control box urine, urine into the control box, the elevator button light up, the elevator violent vibration, then Stalled between the seventh floor and the eighth floor floor.

This is not the action of a grown-up dude, in fact, a kid was involved who somehow didn’t know the working of the electricity. He could barely think about an upcoming Karma in the form of a short circuit. As soon as he sprinkled his bodily fluid on the circuit it caused a short circuit, the elevator got filled up with dense smoke, the video stopped as the CCTV might have been compromised due to the electricity outage. It’s unclear if the boy is safe yet or if he got rescued as the lift got stuck between the 8th and 7th floor.

Lift is filled with dense smoke, haloing it

We hope that this kid has been rescued and he learns a good lesson following the repercussions of pissing on an electrical circuit. He knows not to do this again in future.

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