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Police: ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ arrested after huffing glue & banging head on sidewalk

A man in Tennessee was taken into custody after he was involved in a strange incident with the police on Wednesday.

Several people reported the guy to the policeman in downtown Knoxville about his unusual behavior before he was taken in.

Brian Zielinski was approached by the police and was asked to stop, but he refused. He was also talking gibberish and appeared to be under the influence of some sort of drug according the policeman who was present at the spot.

He was searched by the policeman and was found in possession of two full bottles of super glue and small light bulbs with straws attached. Upon being investigated he told that these things were for huffing glue.

After he was placed under arrest, he tried to escape the custody and when that failed, he then demanded the policemen to kill him as he repeatedly hit his own head against the ground.

He was later charged with disorderly conduct, evading arrest, inhale and possess intoxicants for illegal purposes, possession of illegal drug paraphernalia uses and activities and resist stop, search, and arrest.

He seems to be a habitual criminal, because he was arrested last year on a burglary charge, while he was wearing a ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’s Costume.’

Upon being taken into custody he revealed that he was a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang and proudly called himself ‘Captain Jack Sparrow.’

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