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Police raid Tyrese’s home shortly after he posted a kidnap video

Quite a legit way to turn a prank and a joke into a front-page headline involving a celebrity. ‘Actor arrested for fake kidnapping someone’, well a viral headline indeed which can cater potential shares on social media.

TMZ reported such a situation a few days back when an actor was visited by police because he had kidnapped someone and posted the video of the kidnapping online.

So the police visited Tyrese’s home early Monday morning just because he had posted a video of man tied up in his underwear with a quite distressed look on his face. The video was posted at around 3 in the night and people definitely got terrified so they reported the police and asked them to visit Tyrese’s home.

In the video, the man can be seen bound and gagged and it was obvious that he was being held as a hostage. But the only turning point was that the guy on the couch was actually comedian Michael Blackson. The funny thing is this that a few days ago he had infamously mocked Tyrese’s breakdown and his video of the funny act went viral.

Well, it was quite natural to see Tyrese kidnapping a man who had made fun of him in the past. Now the police got a lot of calls and thus they decided to visit the actor’s home as the people thought that the Tyrese had finally lost it.

When the cops arrived at the Tyrese’s home they spoke with the security and they were told that the video was actually a funny prank and it was well-produced joke. After listening to the Blackson the police finally believed everyone. You better watch the video below and don’t forget to share.

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