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Poor guy posts lusty comments on public picture of crush, loses his mind later after getting ignored

This Facebook posts correctly depicts the stages of a nice guy. It shows how one guy gets down the ladder of niceness to “hope you get AIDS”. I think this guy needs some pampering because he took girlfriend search to a whole new level. Seeking someone through Facebook, commenting nicely on the public photos and then expecting her to become your girlfriend?

Well, this isn’t the way of the men. A man approaches girl nicely and asks her for her opinions and her interests. If she says no, then he takes it for a no and leaves peacefully. However, this guy did the opposite.

Reading all this conversation is a pure enjoyment. The guy hasn’t touched the maturity. We’ve cropped the image to hide the girls face. We also removed the name of the guy who wanted to score a girl. The girl surely played the card well, instead of trying on a desperate guy, she decided to ignore the nice guy.

NiceGuy gets ignored and exposes his reality. He calls her heartless and even tells her to get AIDS soon. He also commented that the next boyfriend might break her teeth because of what she did with him. Well, NiceGuy, the next boyfriend means that you’ve already admitted her to be your girlfriend.

She simply ignored you, get over it!

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