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Prank scaring McDonald’s worker with loud horn backfires

She took a decision and stood with it like a rock. Many people on the internet are pleased with her bravado and in return, they are praising the girl for teaching pranksters a good lesson. Today, we are talking about some quick and instant justice. Two guys decided to play a prank on the McDonald’s worker. They booked their order and paid the amount on the Kiosk.

Then they drove towards the serving window. They thought that pranking the female McDonald’s employee would be something cool. However, totally negligent of the result, the guy sitting on the driving seat honked the secret horn. The female employee standing in the window got scared. The whereabouts of this McDonald’s store are not yet known.

In the picture, the employee can be seen raising up the arms and getting angry with the two lads who decided to play the absurd prank. She got angry and in her retaliation, she threw away thins on the driver.

The guys were not expecting anything like this and thus they were welcomed with a surprise. The pants of the guy and car might need a good wash. The woman employee took the decision in a matter of seconds and she decided that she couldn’t allow these two pranksters to leave the town without any repercussion.

In return, the guy picked up the coke glass and re-threw it towards the female employee but until that time the employee had closed the window. She was safe but she had taken the sweet revenge.

People left different comments on the video, some were really happy with the action of the woman while some praised the guys for acting absurd and carrying out some kind of original prank. What do you think?

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