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Pregnant Doggo was given her very own baby shower & Twitter can’t handle it, watch yourself!

A pregnant doggo was given her very own baby shower. This soon to be mum named Winter was given a baby shower which was uploaded on the Twitter. Twitter users couldn’t just handle the cuteness and awesomeness.

The pet is owned by Gisselle O. Saurez who shared some pictures of her during the baby shower over Twitter. The pregnant pooch was wearing a blue tutu which made her quite different than the surroundings. Quite cute and beautiful indeed. The smile on her face was quite meaningful and she knew that the owners were doing something amazing with her. Pictures of this pooch will actually make up your day. You’ll start to feel happy.

Look at these beautiful photos, how amazing!

With all the gifts and other arrangements, the family decided to do the baby shower on the beach, a perfect place.

The pooch looks surely quite happy with all the attention and love.

Twitter couldn’t handle the cuteness. People at once started to retweet the photos and started liking the mother dog.

Someone said, ‘This is so cute, hope all the dogs get a good home like this.’

Well, we couldn’t agree more with all the tweet replies which were sweet but again we can’t embed them all on our website. If you really want to read other comments and have a look at more photos then consider going on the Twitter. The photos are linked to the Twitter in the first paragraph of this story.

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