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Pregnant girl posts enough red-flags and seeks someone to cheat on her fiancé

Dating profiles can be a huge mess sometimes and we have often proved it by uploading screenshots of various dating profiles which people encountered and deemed as trashy. This dating profile is one of those profiles which is quite direct in its approach and requirements. However, there are enough red-flags that probably everyone would pass it to a friend.

So, this screenshot got shared on the Social Media by a man in DC who came across this match on Tinder. The description of this profile surprised the man enough that he couldn’t resist to take a screenshot and share it on the internet. However, one good thing he did was to hide the face of the woman involved. The guy who uploaded the screenshot can be thought to be a nice guy because, despite the girl’s urge to cheat on her fiancé, the guy still wants nothing bad to happen.

Damn! had to hide the F word!


This girl was on a business trip to DC and she was looking for the ways to cheat on her fiancé. She is 23 years old and has no problem in being submissive. Above, all the girl called her pregnant but still, she was okay with the cheating part.

After reading the entire description, we know you feel awkward because it’s quite unacceptable in a lot of ways, particularly ethically. But still, the guy who posted this profile on the internet came across this match and called it cringe-worthy. It’s hard to believe that someone can cheat on the fiancè especially after being pregnant.

Disclaimer: We at Hard Comedy are not associated with this woman in any way, however, we are responsible for sharing this cringe with our audience, pardon us if you didn’t like it.

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