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Professor panics & regrets after sending entire class inappropriate email

A professor sends a highly inappropriate email to students and that too by mistake. The very next day imagine the stance of the professor in the class after knowing the fact that the very previous day he had made a mistake which might cost him his career.

Alright, this happens and in my life, I have also sent some emails where after hitting the send button I asked myself that why didn’t I cross check it before sending it to the recipient. A lot happens with a blog post as well and then the angry fans get in the comments and start posting critical comments. So mistake on hand of a human is nothing new.

A girl tweeted this, “My friend’s professor sent this to the whole class at 1 am….. I’m dying” YEAH YOU ARE DYING IMAGINE THE TEACHER!”

So what happens with this guys is that he lost his entire job and career in just one email. Here is a screenshot of the first email which went out to the entire class.

If you follow the link out of curiosity then you’ll see that there is an adult star up ahead. “Anna Morna spreading in black stocking“, is the title. Now, you can work on your imagination. Anna is definitely about to get new fans. The professor soon realised his mistake and sent a correct email in the reply.

Mistakes Happen!

He also accepted his mistake and told the students in a reply email that he knows he screwed up.

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