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Girl whines about friend unfollowing her for racist post, calls it ‘middle school act’

Oh, looks like two middle schoolers are having some fight on an issue. The issue at hand is that one of the friends has unfollowed the other friend on the Instagram. The issue got so raised up that it made its way to the Facebook. Meanwhile one of the girl labels herself as a big girl for not ranting about the issue but having a look at her post on Facebook clears the reality.

So, there are these two girls who posted their picture on the Instagram. The important point about this picture was the racist caption. A few of the followers didn’t like the caption and one among those followers decided to unfollow the girl. To our surprise, the girl who had posted the picture actually came to know about someone unfollowing her on Instagram, all thanks to the stats applications which made it easier to find the latest unfollow on social media accounts.

This girl who had posted the picture decided to rant about someone unfollowing her on the Instagram. So, she made a long post about not caring for someone unfollowing her on the social media because she thought herself a big girl.

I don’t care if someone unfollows me on social media!

She doesn’t care about anything but she cared enough to delete the comments which might have offended others. She wrote, “I also deleted the comments because I didn’t want to keep a comment with people complaining and whining back and forth so I just changed it to keep the peace.” Wow! this girl sure doesn’t care about anything! Pun intended!

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