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“Raunchy Snapchat” video gets teacher busted for sleeping with students

Another married teacher is accused of causing disharmony and practising an unethical code of conduct with a student. She got busted for being in a covert relationship with her own underage male student. She got arrested after she was seen with her own student in a Snapchat video, partying hard and wearing only panties and a shirt.

Samantha Ciotta, 32-year-old, was arrested on suspicion of sleeping with her own student. She was being investigated for a possible minor assault meanwhile the police got other details and found that she had indeed slept with her own student. She was in a relationship with the boy for several months. The female was a teacher at Beaumont High School in Beaumont, California when she entered into a relationship with her student. Another student, who happened to be a friend of the student came across a short Snapchat story featuring the teacher sharing some party moments. The students were confused about her identity because they thought that the teacher couldn’t do any vulgar acts which were shown in the Snapchat video.

According to the Dailymail, the court documents were obtained and there it was stated that the teacher in the Snapchat video was scantily clad. The footage was filmed on an iPhone which was bought by the joint efforts of both the teacher and her husband.

The other students asked the boy out of curiousity, “Is the woman in the Snapchat story Mrs Ciotta?” to which the boy replies in positive. “Yes … Bro, I’m gettin’ in deep … been f****** (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house),” he said

The record didn’t mention if those encounters had all the students or some other adults along with the primary student were involved. After the video went viral in the school, one of the students made an adult watch the video. Later, child protective services were notified. Ciotta was arrested and the police attained a search warrant for the home to carry out an investigation.

In the house, the police found a strange note which was addressed to her husband giving him details about the relationship with her student. The student’s mother is dead and father is in prison serving jail-time.

The teacher started taking some special interest in the student. According to the relatives, the things became suspicious when she falsely identified herself as an advocate to the boy. She later started appearing at his home with expensive clothes and jewellery.

The relative who was given the custody of the boy is also being investigated for a possible case of neglect towards the boy. Police shared fears that the teacher has a relationship with other students.


According to the Dailymail, the teacher was released a few months back after posting $150,00 bond.

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