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Rejected guy rants about how girls merely need money & lack male equivalent of rationality

Today we came across a cringeworthy post on Facebook which was made by a rejected guy and he was putting all the blame on the girls. You must have heard the saying ‘grapes are sour’, well the exact same theory applies to the guy.

There were a lot of friends in the Facebook profile of the guy who actually criticized him and tried to put some sense. The guy had somehow picked up the idea of the matrix and he was persistent on the fact that he had taken the red pill and only after that, he came to know about certain realities. Even tagged this girl which rejected him several times and told her that he was no more interested in her.

One of his friends tried to calm him down who happened to be in a relationship. The guy instantly became jealous of him and gave him a shut up call.

This guy even attached the picture with this Facebook post which shows a Girl being proposed by a guy using a credit card. The guy also accused the girl of having less rationality then the man.

I think all these allegations are totally stupid. The way he gives a statement and the way he proposes his own mind is totally absurd. Hard Comedy is featuring this guy only to make a statement that people should be more accepting of the diversity. No one must be treated as a pariah.

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