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Restaurant owner starts butchering a deer infront of vegan protestors

Vegan Activism seems to be on the rise once again. Vegans just hate the meat eaters and that is why they take things into their own hands to stop the so-called brutality.

A video went viral in which some vegans are seen protesting against a restaurant in Canada. But the restaurant owner took a different approach in response to their protest.

He took a big chunk of meat out of the kitchen, which seemed like a deer leg and put it in front of the vegans and started chopping it up piece by piece.

This made the vegans go nuts and they called the police telling them it’s an illegal act.

Everybody has a different opinion about veganism. I don’t want to choose a side here, but meat is the reason the human brain developed, it is an essential part of our history of survival.

These are the things of the past, but in current times it is impossible to put it off.

The meat is not eaten for taste only, it contains a lot of things that can only be extracted from meat. Which are very important to live.

Vegans take them in form of tablets, which is indirectly linked with the consumption of meat. It is impossible for our survival to stay like this.

Veganism should have stayed a lifestyle, a way of eating but it seems like it’s turning into a religion. It’s okay to be a vegan but it’s not okay to push/shove your views on other people’s faces. Everybody has different choices and needs and no one should be judged, which means vegans shouldn’t judge any meat eater and meat eaters shouldn’t criticize vegans in a way that is not constructive.

What the guy did is totally wrong, although the last smile is an indication that he got away.

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