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Ronda Rousey makes unbelievable WWE debut, renouncing MIA’s claims

Mia was dubious about the entry of Ronda in WWE and she asserted that WWE was not a sport but rather a fine acting.

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Rousey, 31, is a well-known martial artist from UFC. Her return last year to the UFC’s Pentagon was disappointing. But looks like she is reclaiming her fame in the ring of World Wrestling Entertainment.

She won her debut in WWE on Sunday night in front of an excited crowd.

She fought in a tag-team match, her partner was Kurt Angle which was against famous Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34.

‘I feel absolutely ecstatic,’ Rousey said after the match. ‘After my wedding day, this is my favorite day of my life I think.’

Holding up arms in victory

Rousay first hinted that she would be in the ring at Royal Rumble in a surprise appearance, which was due in January.

After that, she revealed her plan to be a part of WWE for the foreseeable future.

‘This is my life now,’ she said at the time. ‘This is not a smash and grab, this is not a publicity stunt.’

This decision of hers played out well in her favor because she took the match by a storm and won with the help of her signature move called ‘armbar.’

She fought on the offensive, which kept crowd roaring during the whole match.

After securing the victory she went to her husband Travis Browne and pointed at her. The crowd’s reaction explicitly suggested that they were loving every single moment of it as they kept on chanting her name as well.

According to her recent interview, she said that joining the WWE was a dream come true for her.

‘No matter how much I tried to do other things in my life, this kept following me around,’ she told

‘It’s time to take a hint from the universe and go for it.’

This is her first appearance in a ring after her shaming defeat of 48-second loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, this match was long awaited.

She didn’t announce her MMA retirement but it looks like she has devoted herself to WWE for the foreseeable future.

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