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School counselor sentenced 11 years for sharing an intimate relationship with 16yo student

Jacqueline Bryce Herron, 36, was sentenced to 11 years and 8 months in prison. She was charged with 28 felony counts of assaulting teenage boys – including sodomy.

The two students were unnamed 16-year-old

She was working at Salisbury High School, a continuation school in Red Bluff, California as a counselor when the offenses took place.

Some of the alleged assaults took place in public in the car, the police report said.

The report furthermore stated, “The victim told me he had engaged with Jacqueline Herron in the past approximately five times and regular intimacy two times in the past.”

She had faced maximum 29 years and 8 months in prison, but she received 11 years and 8 months after she pleaded no-contest on all the charges.

The police also seized digital evidence of the data that was shared over a period of several weeks.

In one text, Herron allegedly sent to the boy reads: “I go to the cottonwood apt tonight the one out in the middle of nowhere haha.

“If ur not busy we should try to meet for a 7-minute hug. [sic]”

When the boy’s father heard about what was happening, the relationship ended, according to the police.

Herron was later fired from her job after her employer received a call from a Redding lawyer who represented the alleged victim.

“I don’t think it can be overstated how vulnerable these victims were,” Deputy District Attorney Cody Jones told Flynn during sentencing.

“This is a person who bragged about what she had done,” Jones said.

Jones argued that her crimes were committed against vulnerable youth who held her in a position of trust​. “These were individuals who were troubled, who were desperately in need of help,” Jones said.

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