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School kid brings knife & instigates a fight for DUMB reasons

A video recently went viral which shows a school fight. A student brought a knife in the school and was threatening another student in blue pants with it. A comment from the uploader indicated that the fight broke out due to a girl – classic isn’t it?

This shows how messed up the security of the schools actually is. A student brought a knife and actually tried to hurt someone with it. This is beyond scary, how was he not caught while he was bringing the weapon inside the school premises. What would you do if someone was holding up a knife, my inner self would tell me, ‘Don’t be hero, it’s not worth your life.’

But it was not the case of the student in blue pants who was coming at the student with the knife. He got him disarmed and started throwing punches over and over again. The student who previously had a knife in his hands was on the floor trying to protect his face and was not fighting back.

Angry Kid, for sake of a GIRL!

He almost seemed as if he was scared. Although, he was disarmed but he still managed to get his hands on the knife again. It’s an unsaid rule of the fight, ‘If you disarm your opponent, make sure he doesn’t get his hands on the same weapon again.’ After receiving multiple punches, the fight ended with ‘KO’ styled kick. After receiving the kick, the student dropped the knife earlier got his hands on the knife once again and tried to use it against the one who defeated him but it was little too late. After beating-up the student in white pants, the other student ran away.

Honestly, it is not a good idea to go against anyone who has a hardware, no girl/boy is worth your life. This could have easily gone the whole other way around and turned into a national news. Thank goodness, the student got lucky.

You may want to visit and WATCH VIDEO.

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