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Scientists have confirmed, being lazy is a sign of intelligence

Have you ever been mocked for being lazy? If so, there is a scientific study that is a perfect reply to the mockery. It is also another good reason for a season-marathon or taking short naps, “Laziness is a sign of intelligence”.

According to a new study, intelligent people spend most of their time sitting because they are not prone to boredom and spend more time in the ocean of their thoughts.

The research also states that non-thinkers tend to indulge in more in physical activities during the day and they do it to shift their minds to evade the thoughts they have.

In a study published to the Journal of Health Psychology, researchers from the Florida Gulf Coast University explained that ‘the relationship between cognition and physical activity is an important question for the human experience, and the interaction likely extends across the lifespan.’

The study also states that the non-thinkers are prone to boredom.

People who are thinkers, don’t get bored because they are able to entertain themselves.

Those who full-fill their day with physical activity do so to escape their own thoughts or because they are prone to boredom

The tool that was used for this purpose by the team Florida Coast University is about thirty years old.

For finding the correlation between the laziness and intelligence the team selected 60 students from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

Each of the students was given an ‘actigraphy device’ (a device that used to measure rest and movements) to keep on them for seven days. The data of these devices was streamed for analyzation.

Upon completion of the seven days period, the team collected the samples and came to the conclusion that the students who were strong thinkers were more active compared to the non-thinkers.

Not all is not good news as researchers also found out that people who are more lazy and intelligent may get the negative side effects because of their lifestyle.

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