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‘Single mom is looking for a date’ & raises many red-flags for potential candidates

Dating is like an art and it must be taken in a natural way. Pretending to be a specific person can lead you to trash, as the key to successful dating is to act the reality. A date leading to a good experience can only make a long lasting relationship if the persons involved are true to each other. Since with time, it becomes easier to catch the lies and identify the true nature of the person. So, acting during dating is a big no-no, unless you plan to do it for short terms.

This woman believes in reality so much that she has made everything clear in her dating profile description. Any potential candidate thinking to date this single mom must know her preferences beforehand. I think the readers will find this profile a bit funny. There might be some good points in the profile like the love of beer and guns, but there are some stupid points too, so I’ll ask one question, “What you’ll do? Will you recommend her to a friend or will you start a conversation with her?

The slayer, Kim

This Kim reminded me of another Kim, yes you got it right but let us leave her for another day. She has recently done a good job fighting for the rights of a girl who is in custody of police for assault allegations

So, the above is the first glance at her profile, if you scroll down a bit then you’ll come across many red-flags. I know there will be men willing to do anything for her, but can you be one of those?

Merely 16 miles away!

The girl is merely 16miles away, but I think he pressed “Recommend Kim to a Friend“.

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