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Single mum gets dumped cos her judgemental date didn’t like her wiping her “Son’s Bottom”

Who on the earth doesn’t like a mom cleaning up her baby? I never came across such a person but today I came across this strange person who dumped her date only because she was a single mom taking care of her baby. This is strange, I am unable to understand that how can a person be so much mean?

Well, this is entirely out of order! Single mum Chloe says that she was chatting to a man called Chris on Plenty of Fish. (Plenty of Fish is quite popular application to find a date online) So, the mom was having some chit chat with this guy and regular questions and answers were going on, until a discussion about her one-year-old son, named Noah, came up.

The guy dumped the lady shortly after finding out that she cleans her baby bottom – because cleaning a 1y0’s baby bottoms is a big mess thing, no?

Chloe told media that Chris asked her to tell more about her personality so naturally, she started to tell about her son. Chris didn’t react too kindly to the news that his potential date wipes some kid’s bottom. His response was “You wipe your child’s a** when he’s had a sh*t? F*** being with someone who cleans someone’s a**

Quite rude! They spoke for about days before something like this happened. They had fun and they used to tell each other stupid and funny jokes. The guy told the lady that she was interesting and he wanted to know more about her.

The lady after this incident said, “Anyone who doesn’t respect me as a mother is just not worth my time.

Chloe posing with the phone, Credits: Metro

The single mom said that she had been raising her child since months. She said that she knew she’s still young so she wanted to check her chances on the famous dating application. Just for a sake of finding someone good, she downloaded the application and then she found this man who was too judgemental.

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