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”Social Media Diva’ mocks her sister’s vegan meal on twitter, Savage Drama tears apart the family

Are you a vegan? Imagine getting mocked up for having vegan food. Something similar happened to this girl who ordered the vegan meal in a restaurant and her sister tweeted her picture eating the awkward vegan meal. She sort of made fun of her sister having a weird vegan food.

The girl who tweeted is actually a British holidaymaker and has quite a lot of follower on Twitter. The family had planned to dine at Restaurant Bahai in the resort town of Fuengirola. The gathering was made to smooth out the blood relations but who knew that a simple mocking picture was going to turn over the entire scene.

Jarvis, her sister, told the waiter that she was vegan and she allegedly got served with raw tomatoes and onions. Her sister mocked her eating that simple dish, see her tweet below!

The sister who got mocked in the tweet got to the twitter, as well. She told her sister that she hadn’t given her any permission to publish her picture online. She started a debate with her sister on twitter and things started getting heat.

Turns out that excessive arguments against each other actually made things more worst.

In the story, the female social media diva is thought to be seeking world’s attention just by tweeting a weird vegan menu. It’s worth knowing that the restaurant in question doesn’t entertain totally vegan people. There are no vegan dishes in the restaurant.

The waiters got quite surprised when the social media diva’s sister ordered some tomatoes with onions. The waiter was worried as people always ordered the same thing as a side dish. Well, the family suffered…

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