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Someone broke this ‘Female Skype Spam Bot’ after asking to be friends, & internet is laughing over it!

Once a wise person said, “Don’t ask a female second time after the rejection of a friendship proposal or wait for self-opprobrium.” This dude was having his normal fun skype day when suddenly he got approached by another Skype user.

I remember those Yahoo! days when the chatrooms were still in the game and all we wanted was to meet new people on the go. Data plans weren’t so cheap in those days. Internet was a new thing and the society was still learning about the swathes of new social construct offered by the internet.

Some genius, an internet geek, decided to plot fake humans amidst chat. The goal was to perfectly advertise the new products using chat through sensual marketing techniques. Offering opposite gender to the one gender. So, I started to encounter some females during the chat and all I could see were some series of automated replies.

Welcome to the chatbots!

Yes, these were the chatbots which offered automated replies to some common questions like ASL etc. So, in my lifespan I never knew how to break a chatbot so it may start to send you stupid replies. Fortunately, this dude did this for us. He broke a chatbot.

A Broken Chatbot

Turns out that he had simply asked a question in the chat which leads to the demise of the chatbot. The question was, “no…but I thought we could be friends!![smiley-emoticon]

The result of the conversation is in front of your eyes. It’s funny!

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