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Someone tweets, “Females can impregnate themselves” & feminists call it discrimination and racism

‘Enough of the feminist logic’, I came right after reading a tweet’s replies and made this decision up inside my mind. The tweet was accurate but the replies were otherwise. A woman posted about the scientific research of women being able to impregnate themselves on their own. Some hours later, a feminist came fighting for woman rights, later the same woman argues that the tweet was against trans people too.

The tweet was all about women being able to make themselves pregnant using their bone marrow. This means that the same gender couples will be able to have babies of their own, which will be genetically their own. DailyMail even reported the same news and several scientists formed this hypothesis after some major research.

Now, this woman didn’t know that posting such stuff on Twitter can welcome unwanted audience. So, some woman came telling her that the pregnancy shouldn’t be associated with females only, men can get pregnant too. This is discrimination against the women.

Some other woman tried to put sense in the feminist. Though, she changed the topic and declared the tweet against the trans people. The first woman who posted the tweet was referring to the biological females and an innovation but the discussion went south immediately.

It’s quite a harsh reality that people are trying to be politically correct 24/7, even some people now find jokes to be harsh and against ethics. One needs to be quite open minded while posting something on the internet because people find it easy criticizing others behind the keyboard.

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