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Special ed teacher allegedly shared bed with student & molested him in classroom

This is quite ridiculous, a teacher doing explicit stuff with the students. This special ed teacher allegedly did some explicit activities with one of her students and molested him in a classroom. These teachers don’t have a second thought that doing such stuff with a teenager might affect his mental ability for the life to come. The entire activity can also potentially leave them at risk of extracting some disease.

The abuse of power happened at Summit Academy which is dedicated to students from 14 to 19 years of age. This school is meant for court adjudicated youth. Summit, a private school, hired Jordan Ondish in June. Ondish was 24-year-old at that time, later the security staff found a mobile phone in the victim’s room. It was alarming as mobile wasn’t allowed in the facility. They at once took the mobile phone in custody.

After probing into the phone they found that the teacher had shared some explicit messages with the kid. Later, the authorities were reported about the incident. The authorities found that the student had shared bed with his teacher multiple times before the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Note: The pictures in thumbnail are her alleged old pictures found on myspace (A cross-check is encouraged before sharing her pictures in the thumbnail above)

This all happened in Pennsylvania. Jordan Dominique Ondish is charged with one count of institutional assault after officers found evidence on phone of the alleged molestation. Ondish has been fired from her job where she worked for 4 months.

It’s believed that Ondish had bought the cellphone and given it to her student. The cellphone was given to the student so that the teacher could talk in privacy. Court documents indicate that Ondish was in an abusive relationship which made her talk to the student in order to release the anxiety.

Ondish will appear in the court again in February. She was released on $30,000 non-monetary bond. Ondish has already removed her social media accounts, though we found an old myspace profile which is believed to be of her, the image in the thumbnail has been taken from that profile.

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