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State Gov. Signs Bill allowing wine, liquor on SUNDAY

This Sunday, Tennesseans will be able to buy wine and liquor.

“It’s sort of a new day and a new starting point for Tennessee retail liquor sales,” Fryer said from his store in Hillsboro Village. His store, Village Wines, will be among the first liquor stores that will be taking advantage of the new law starting from Sunday at noon.

“We’re in a part of Nashville where a lot of folks aren’t from Nashville,” Fryer said. “A lot of (people) never really understood why we had to be closed Sundays anyway.”

The bill was signed in to law by Gov. Bill Haslam allowing Sunday sales, according to his office. It means that Tennesseans will be able to buy wine and liquor from the sores from this weekend onwards.

But under the same law, wine won’t be up for Sunday sales until January, 2019.
These changes came after this controversial bill which made its way through the legislature, where the debates included the biblical support for drinking wine.
Tennessee is the United States’ 42nd State to allow seven-day sales of liquor and wine.

Meanwhile, owners of the stores are deciding whether to open on Sunday.

Cool Springs Wines & Spirits is planning to open their doors on Sunday in a couple of weeks, according to their manager Jeff Warzynski.

“It happened so fast, we didn’t really have a chance to plan for it,” Warzynski said. “We don’t really know what to expect, to tell you the truth. It could increase business, but it also could just spread it out.”

“Sunday and Friday are the busiest days,” he added.

But not every liquor store is planning to the change.

“I think our people need a rest. They don’t need to be working seven days a week,” said Charles Sonnenberg, owner of Frugal MacDoogal Wine & Liquor Warehouse in Nashville.

He seemed skeptical about the increase in sales due to the new law.

“If we can get it organized, we’ll be open this Sunday — otherwise, the next,” Sonnenberg said.

The sales will not be affected because the sales will be spread to who seven days of the week.

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