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Straight A’s college girl chooses to do adult films, commits suicide after backlash

Alyssa Funke was a straight-A college student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls until she fell trap of depression and decided to end her own life. It’s quite a news of sadness and I won’t call it as a sort of entertainment, so it’s definitely hard but not a comedy, however, let’s look at the positive side of the story, this article might give a sense of hope to the future readers who might be going through some depression.

The girl committed suicide after she got depressed due to bullying and harassment. She was receiving quite a lot of backlash online because of her decision to do the adult films despite having a successful academic career. The local police released a statement regarding the incident and according to it, they have no intention to launch a query against those who bullied the girl online. The police said that they won’t be pressing any charges against those who bullied the girl through online medium.

Funke, 19-year-old, a cheerful teen girl had appeared in the films created by CastingCouch-X. According to the media, when the college mates of the teenage girl watched the video they started mocking her on the Twitter. She had no option but to escape the dressing-down using a suicide attempt which went successfully.

The Backlash!

The last tweets from the deceased teenage girl mentioned the mockery which she started to receive after she chose to appear in the adult films. On April 16, she completed the suicide at a boat landing on Big Carnelia Lake, around 26 miles from the River Falls and then 9 miles from Oak Park Heights.

The family of the girl doesn’t want to speak on the camera and is grieved by the incident. They strongly believe that cyberbullying played quite an important role in the decision to end her life, she was reportedly depressed enough to think about ending her own life. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office thinks that the level of bullying didn’t rise to any criminal harassment.

A happy girl!

Later, the family launched the campaign to raise fund in the name of Alyssa Stop Bullying Fund which got around $165 in the 19 days and it’s a fact worth noting that this isn’t the only case of bullying. Belle Knox another Duke University student along with the girl was criticised for appearing in the adult films. Knox had appeared on the same couch for the audition of the same role. A lot of adult stars have already complained lots of threats and according to them, they remain careful in revealing their professional work nature.

During her Interview, Alyssa Funke, called herself Ann and looked quite nervous.

Funke was a first-year student at UW-River Falls and she was studying a biology major.

The girl shot herself in the moving car in order to end her life.

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