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Strange book warns nice guys that girls don’t hook-up but friend-zone them!

Just because you believe that there was no guidance available for you at the time when you were trying to impress that girl then it doesn’t mean your belief was right, there actually is a book with chapter 1 which explains that girls don’t like nice guys but prefer to be-friend them and keep them wriggling around in that bad place of friend-zone.

It has a pretty strange warning on its first page, “Don’t confuse men who women dream about with the men who women attach themselves to.” Well, any woman reading thing particular post should close the tab because we are sure about receiving some rant in the comments from some woman.

Woman 101

So, nice guy theory is a thing. You might have realised that this theory actually exists after having a look at this book. The first chapter is solely dedicated to those nice guys who believed that all the women actually want a sincere, loving and honest guy in their life. As, we all know that all the five fingers are not equal, in the same manner, all the humans on the earth are not same in attitude and other aspects. Everyone has a difference of opinion, so believing that every woman wants the same kind of old traditional nice guy, then that is a huge mistake committed on the part of the guys.

This page is damn hilarious, and I started to laugh inadvertently after reading the first page posted by someone on Reddit. Actually, as I feel guilty for not searching for the right credits, I actually tried finding the real guy who posted this book on Reddit, the guy is user/Cjhobbitbane.

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