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‘Strangers matched on Tinder’ did something unusual enough to force Tinder send them on Vacation

Tinder sending people on vacation? I’m sure you’ve never heard about it before. 22-year-old Josh Avsec matched with 21-year-old Michelle Arendas on Tinder.

Guess when did this match happen? in 2014.

The Boy who got matched with the girl sent a message, something which most people do in such a situation. He waited for a reply!

Two months later, Michelle replied with an excuse, “Hey sorry my phone died!”

After a brief exchange, the two never spoke.

Meet the couple


In a way, their relationship continued for last three years. If you look at the time stamps then you’ll find the delayed responses.

Caught up in midterms

Look at the timestamps again, the couple is surely damn cool. Look at the below screenshot, the couple is nearly texting each other for 3 years.

How we got these screenshots? The guy recently uploaded this screenshots on twitter. Josh Avsec hopes on twitter to meet the girl one day. He also thinks that it will be a fun day, for sure.

Michelle also replied to the tweet and her response was, “Sorry I’d reply but I need to give it a few months!”

Then Tinder steps in because the story went viral and people started noticing the sweet couple playing jokes on each other. Tinder made sure that both land a date in some city around the world of their own choice.

The couple decided to visit Hawaii. Tinder actually sent them to Hawaii. So the Ohio Kent State University seniors have now the chance to meet each other and by the time you are reading this article they must have been enjoying the date vacation.

You can follow Josh and Michelle on twitter.

Looks like I need to also act like playing a joke with any match on Tinder. May be I may end up hitting the jackpot.

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