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Student flew 400 miles to meet her ‘lover’ only to find that she had been fooled & it was a brutal joke

Damn, those tragic endings which leave the situation in turmoil are hard to bear. Recently a girl flew 400 miles just to meet the love of her life whom she met at a festival and later maintained a long distance relationship. But, some tragic reality check was waiting for her at an unknown place 400 miles away from her origin, she was fooled all the time.

There was no lover waiting at the other end, instead of it, the guy actually made a complete fool out of the girl who believed in those fairy tales. The girl was told that she got ‘pigged’ and it was a cruel statement given by the guy.

The two had met during a holiday in Barcelona. 24-year-old Sophie Stevenson met Jesse Mateman & at once they knew that they were the perfect match. So, the girl later, after getting back from holiday, decided to visit the hometown of the guy, Amsterdam.

Sophie made a £350 journey only to learn about the cruel joke. There was no one at the airport to receive the lady. She wandered here and there for two hours, and the guy wasn’t even replying to her messages and calls. Later after hours, she went to the hotel, devastated. She wasn’t sure about what had happened with her and the crushing pressure of getting left out was a real ordeal.

Hours later she got this message

So, a cruel joke was played with the girl. The girl had met Jesse during the Barcelona incident. The hotels were locked down and they happened to meet this group of guys. The girl and Jesse felt attraction for each other, they shared love and feelings. They slept together, later they moved back to their places at the end of the holiday. They kept on talking every day, in order to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship.

It went on for a long time until she decided to meet the guy, and then she learned that she got played. Sigh!

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