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Student slams down teacher amidst argument & then she creates a drama!

This video shows one the most awkward fight to watch and happen! A middle school teacher gets knocked out unconscious by her student after a heated argument took place between the two. The brawl took place during a lecture as a whiteboard in the background of the video can be seen while other students seated beside.

The teenager used the weight force of the teacher to knock her down to the ground. The teacher was trying to grab the teen while he acted with wit and missed her attack causing her to fall down on the ground.

The cringe-worthy part of the video is when the teacher tries to fake her unconscious state while lying on the ground. She tried her best to create a drama out of a hyped up situation. Definitely, this shows both bad grooming of a student and bad recruitment policy of a teacher.

Looks like the teacher has a duster in hand, used to remove the writing on a whiteboard, the spectators of the fight, other students, are watching the entire brawl in quite a surprise. Look at the face of those girls, they are totally surprised to watch something like this happen in a school during a class. Definitely, this is not going to leave a good impact on quite a lot of kids attending school to learn something good.

Disclaimer: You may not find the video to be pleasant, so viewer discretion is advised.

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