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Substitute teacher shares intimate relationship with two boys and gets no JAIL time

(Thumbnail shows, Madeline Marx arrested and taken to police station)

Madeline Marx, 24 – a substitute teacher in Ohio will not spend even a single day behind bars despite pleading guilty to having intimate-physical encounter with two of her underage students.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of battery in March. At the time when the offense took place, she was teaching at Kettering Fairmont High school.

Shockingly enough, her counsel first tried to take the plea of insanity to acquit her from the crime.

She was arrested by the police in November while she was teaching her class, which happened after the administrative investigation was triggered by a complaint filed by a student about her obscene relationship with the students.

According to the prosecution report, both of the victims were 16-year-old boys.

She was sentenced by a Montgomery County pleas court judge on Thursday but was not awarded any jail time.

She was released on five years of probation as the result of the charge. Madeline Marx cried when the sentence was announced and also apologized from the victim’s family.

‘I cannot express how sorry I am for what I’ve done to the victims and their families,’ she told the judge. ‘I’m so sorry.’

The judge who oversaw the case ‘Steven Danok’ admired the former teacher because she was never in trouble with the law before this offense and cooperated upon being caught.

According to him, he received a total number of thirty-eight letters in support of the former teacher and one of the parents of the victim asked the court that she should be given probation.

‘The court believes these offenses are not likely to recur,’ Dankof said. ‘This is extremely significant to the court, that Ms. Marx has shown genuine remorse for the offense.’

‘We want you to be successful on probation, we want you to be successful on community control,’ he told Marx.

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