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Survey finds shocking women opinions, ‘Fat women are “plus sized” but fat men are “overweight”‘

Whisper, an online confession portal has recently released controversial confessions from plus-sized women. is an established iOS and Android application which gives user opportunity to share their secrets online using anonymity offered by the application. Millions of people confess their secrets in the whisper application and in turn the company has the right to publish that information while maintaining the condition of anonymity.

A recent survey of whisper has resulted in some controversial debate over Reddit. Reddit is another social media website where people talk about the internet. The survey was taken from the anonymous data submitted by the plus-sized women who admitted not liking overweight men. The debate turned into a massive argument when someone posted the entire survey with the title. “Fat women are “plus sized” but fat men are “overweight”, since the published article gave this particular outlook.

Give a man a mask and then he’ll reveal his true identity,” something rightly said. Anonymity promises a lot of true confessions, and whisper is fueled with the same thing and prospect.

We’ll like to share some of the confessions here, the rest can be studied on their website. “I hate when people think I have to date bigger guys because I’m plus sized. I can’t help that I’m not attracted to them and I like muscular guys.” read one of the confessions posted on the website.

I’m a plus size women and I’m not attracted to big men. They need to be reasonably average“, read another confession on the website. Numerous other confessions like this have stirred the air of double standards. Online communities aren’t ready to accept this unilateral fact. They think that such women are quite shallow to admit such a thing.

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