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Teacher, accused of having lewd relationship with 4 of her students will not face prison time

We live in a very different age, where a lot of old beliefs are rapidly being abandoned. One of the many progressive changes in minds of the common folk is that a person must be treated the same by law regardless of their gender.

But sadly, there seems to be no implementation of this idea in practice. This is reaffirmed by the news of an Arkansas art teacher, who is accused of having lewd relationship with four of her students will NOT face any time in prison.

She is a married woman of age 26 named Jessie Lorene. She allegedly seduced her students through messages and after doing so she would take them to their apartment for sharing bed with them.

She was sentenced to serve probation for 24 months for her actions.

Apparently, one of those three students was underaged as well.

In her defense, she claimed that it was her belief that all of the students were 18 but later found out one was not truthful to her and was ‘way younger than what he had told her’.

She also reportedly sent a student a picture of herself in her underwear.

Goline with husband

Her arrest came into force after the principle learned of her actions, and upon confrontation, she admitted to sleeping with the students.

She pleaded guilty, and will also have to register as a sex offender.

She was also placed on an administrative leave from the school.

The sentence is what is most shocking. Imagine if this was a guy who had done something similar to a female student. It would have sparked a major outrage and the sentence would have been nowhere lenient as the one she got now.

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