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Teacher busted in park doing explicit stuff with student after asking it on Snapchat


A 28 year old teacher was busted in the park while doing some explicit stuff with her 16-year-old South Jersey student. The thing has become a trend and a lot of teachers have been exposed in the past few months because of the parents getting more careful than ever.

Alyssia Marie Reddy used to teach English at the Pennington school. It is a day and boarding school in Pennington New Jersey. The boarding school puts more responsibilities on a teacher as compared to any other normal School. The teachers are required to be a role model for their students 24/7 so that they may become a better addition to the society and the country.

It was in the month of December last year when Reddy gave a student her cell phone number so that he may contact her on Snapchat. Later, in February 2017 the student received some explicit messages from Reddy saying, “I want your hands on me.

After 3 weeks of the message, being conveyed on the Snapchat the teacher picked up her student from a friend’s house in Solebury Pennsylvania. She then took her to a park and allegedly slept with him.

The police received the first report of the incident on November 20 and the parents word told by the school that they reported the case to prosecutors after it came into their knowledge.

The school in a statement told the media that they are currently trying to co-operate with the agencies and the head of the school is going to meet with students on Monday regarding the matter. Reddy was also teaching in another school and she was fired from there after the news broke out. Reddy has already left the school where it all happened and has been moved to Maryland.

The teacher was arrested by Baltimore County Fugitive task force and she has been charged with unlawful contact with the minor and criminal use of a communication facility. She is not going to be out soon and her bail amount is set to $38,100.

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